Donate to the Foundation

The Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation was founded to help people with muscular dystrophy (MD) by raising awareness through philanthropic activities and supporting research for a cure to MD. The foundation works every day to make life better for all those struggling with MD.

Your gift will help us:

  • Facilitate the development of clinical, translational and basic research on MD
    Enhance and support clinical care of patients
  • Improve the educational experience for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students interested in the fields of basic and clinical muscle research
  • Increase interaction and support from the regional community of patients and families concerned about muscular dystrophy.
  • And more!

Every dollar you provide to the Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation goes towards supporting our mission of fighting MD through research, education, advocacy and service. Together, we share a hope for a tomorrow free of muscular dystrophy.

Please donate using the PayPal link below, or you may contact us to find out how you can help advance the work of the Foundation.

The Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) 3 organization, as prescribed by the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to the GMJF are tax-deductible.


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