Marzolf Symposium celebrates advances in research

Graduate and post-doctoral students from the Paul and Sheila Wellstone MD Center presented promising research

The excitement was palpable at the fourth annual Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation Symposium as graduate and post-doctoral students presented promising findings from their research at the University of Minnesota’s Paul and Sheila Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Center. The event, held Oct. 29 at Nils Hasselmo Hall on the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus, provided students with an opportunity to share and explain the updates and advancements they’ve discovered in their muscle research. 

Dr. John Day, director of the Wellstone Muscular Dystrophy Center and professor of Neurology, said that “This year’s Marzolf Symposium posters and presentations demonstrated the creativity and energy of the many trainees, as well as the depth and breadth of muscle research being done at the University of Minnesota. They showed the phenomenal progress toward understanding muscular dystrophy’s causes and effects, as well as showcasing methods of treatment in development, including stem cells, genetic manipulation, and new drugs. Although we have a lot to do before muscular dystrophy is conquered, given the advances made in recent years, and the impressive trainees joining the fight against this disease, we can be increasingly optimistic that meaningful treatments will be available for this generation of muscular dystrophy patients. The Marzolf Symposium was a very impressive event that stimulated hope for the future in multiple ways.”

Patricia Marzolf, president of the board of the Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation, expressed hope and excitement to see the enthusiasm of the students.

“This event is an important reminder of why it’s so important to continue our support of the program. These brilliant students are able to make progress in the fight to find a cure for MD – in part because of the support of the Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation. I have faith that many children and families will benefit from the research that was presented.”

In 2010, the Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation donated $35,000 to the MD Center for the specific support of medical research by graduate students.

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