Cause to Cook Cookbook 2.0 – Recipe Submission

Almost 30 years ago, a group of friends came together to create a cookbook to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy research. This cookbook served not only as a way to raise money for an important cause, but also as a way to bring together our community, to share with one another, and, over a meal in each of our own homes, to come to the table.

In 2017, the Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation was awarded grant funding by the PTC Therapeutics STRIVE program to create a NEW cookbook. The goal of the GMJF, is to create a cookbook that promotes healthy eating, features families affected by Muscular Dystrophy, celebrates the MD community, and perhaps more than anything, inspires us all to once again, come to the table.

So today, we ask you to submit your recipe via our online form!

As you consider your recipes to submit, think about what is your Cause to Cook.

  • Who inspires you in the kitchen?
  • What about food brings joy to your family and friends?
  • How does your recipe tell an important story of friendship, community, hope, or strength?
  • Which ingredients allow you, your family, or friends to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Where do you, your family, or friends enjoy your recipe? What about that place makes the recipe special?

This cookbook aims to inspire, encourage, unite, and build the Muscular Dystrophy community of support. Join us today by submitting your recipes at the form on our website!


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