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General Information  

Founded in 2002 to commemorate the life of Greg Marzolf Jr., the Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation’s mission is to raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy through philanthropic activities and to support research for a cure to Muscular Dystrophy.

The Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation (GMJF) is dedicated to funding education and research programs benefiting children and families suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and to providing support for patient service care.

The work of the GMJF has had a profound effect on the many successes of the University of Minnesota’s MD Center by enhancing treatment of this disease and patient care. With continued tenacity, the GMJF will fulfill our common goal – to conquer Muscular Dystrophy for the current generation of patients.

The GMJF is excited to continue this partnership with the GMJF Research Grant Program. Together, we share a hope of a tomorrow free from MD!


Eligibility is limited to advanced degree Ph.D. and/or M.D. faculty of the University of Minnesota.


The primary objective of the GMJF grant program is to support new and existing innovative studies that focus on research in Muscular Dystrophy. The awards will be given in the form of seed grants (Approximately $15-45K, although subject to change) to assist investigators in the early or pilot phase of their studies. Preference will be given to those studies that focus on clinical trials and novel therapeutics for Duchenne MD.

Terms of Support  

Projects are to be supported for a one year period with an anticipated start date of February 1, 2019. The following expenses are NOT allowed:

  1. Faculty (tenure or tenure-track) salary and benefits
  2. Secretarial salary and benefits
  3. Travel to scientific meetings and conferences
  4. Publication costs and purchase of reprints or books
  5. Service contracts
  6. Conferences, workshops, poster sessions, seminars and other meetings
  7. Indirect costs

Evaluation of Proposals

Applications are reviewed by a panel of experts, including MD Center faculty. The GMJF board will take the reviewers’ comments and align them with the research mission of the GMJF and make the final decision on which projects will be funded. A funding decision will be made in January and announced at the Cause to Cook for a Cure Gala on January 12th, 2019.


Grants will be paid to Medical School departments through invoices to UMF (non-sponsored chart strings will be established). Funds must be used within the period of the grant. After the grant expires, unexpended funds revert to GMJF UMF fund for other research projects.


Grant recipients are required to submit a progress report due October 1, 2019. A final report is required within 30 days of grant expiration and to provide a brief on the project. Failure to meet these obligations will negatively impact the potential for future funding.  Grant recipient reports will be displayed on the Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation website as well as distributed via newsletter to the Greg Marzolf Jr. Foundation donor base.


The application form and guidelines are available at the following link

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